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Romantic & Intimate Wedding just outside Rochester, NY: A Blissful Day with Angila and Chris

Angila and Chris, a charming couple who decided to say "I do" in the cozy embrace of their private residence just outside Rochester, NY. This sweet summer celebration was filled with whimsical colors and unforgettable moments, and we're excited to share the magic that unfolded.

The Lawn Ceremony – A Stunning Affair

The ceremony on the lawn was nothing short of breathtaking., surrounded by the whimsical colors of their special day, Angila and Chris exchanged vows that echoed the sentiments of a lasting commitment. They spoke of the little things that make a marriage extraordinary – the power of holding hands, the importance of saying "I love you" daily, and the commitment to never go to sleep angry.

Their promises went beyond the ordinary, emphasizing the strength found in standing together and facing the world as a united front. In the intimate ceremony, Angila and Chris pledged to speak words of appreciation and demonstrate gratitude in thoughtful ways, creating a foundation of mutual respect and understanding.

Their commitment extended to a shared journey in search of the good and the beautiful. In this union, Angila and Chris expressed the belief that a successful marriage is not only about marrying the right partner but also about being the right partner. These heartfelt words added an extra layer of emotion to a ceremony that was already brimming with love.

Blooms that Stole Hearts

Bar Fiore brought the charm with their floral artistry. Imagine a sea of whimsical colors embracing the ceremony and reception. Their floral arrangements added a touch of nature's beauty, making the day feel like a fairytale brought to life.

Rainy Romance – A Surprise Shower During Cocktail Hour

Just when you thought the day couldn't get more magical, a sudden rain shower made an appearance during cocktail hour. But hey, love always finds a way, right? Angila and Chris embraced the raindrops, creating a whimsical dance that Seventh Arrow Photography skillfully captured. McCarthy Tents & Events, with their expert rentals, provided shelter, turning an unexpected twist into a cherished memory.

The Reception – Laughter, Love, and Dance

With the sun peeking through the clouds, the reception unfolded under the tent transformed by McCarthy Tents & Events. The whimsical colors continued to weave their magic as Angila and Chris celebrated surrounded by family and friends. Laughter echoed, love filled the air, and the dance floor witnessed moments that will be talked about for years to come.

A Love Story For the Ages

Angila and Chris's wedding day, filled with whimsical colors, intimate moments, and unexpected surprises, was a testament to the power of love. The collaborative efforts of Seventh Arrow Photography, Eliza Jane Event Design & Planning, Bar Fiore, and McCarthy Tents & Events created a day that will forever be etched in the couple's hearts.

So, there you have it – a romantic and intimate wedding just outside Rochester, NY, where love triumphed over rain, and every moment was a brushstroke in the whimsical painting of Angila and Chris's forever love. Cheers to the happy couple and the incredible vendors who made their day one for the books!

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